Harmeet Singh

My name is Harmeet Singh, and I am proud to say that I am Canada’s first professional Sikh tattoo artist. I was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and recently made the move to Canada to pursue my dreams as an artist. My journey to becoming a tattoo artist wasn’t an easy one. Coming from a Sikh family, a career in tattooing wasn’t well received initially. I had to break down the stereotype that tattooing was taboo and overcome negativity from those around me.


I started tattooing in 2016, but I quickly realized that I needed to take my skills to the next level by working in a professional shop setting. Despite not being able to afford a proper apprenticeship, I was able to learn from experienced artists and hone my skills in a shop setting. I was influenced by artists like Jasmer Sandhu, Aryan Jaitley, and Amir Sheikh, who taught me specific techniques that helped me develop my skills. I believe that if you surround yourself with winners, you, too, will strive to be a winner.


My tattoo style is focused on photo-realistic and hyper-realistic tattoos in black and grey, with a focus on religious, name, and line work tattoos. Although I have explored many different styles, I have found my niche in this area and am confident in my ability to bring your ideas to life.


As a Punjabi tattoo artist, I have inked several famous Punjabi musicians such as Deep Jandu, Karan Aujhla, Harj Nagra, Harry Chahhal, Sunny Nagarhairstyle, and Avex Dhillon. I believe in continually improving myself both personally and professionally, and I do so by learning something new every day and striving for excellence.

Canada's First Professional Sikh Tattoo Artist

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