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Sikh Warrior Tattoos

Sikhs are one of the most fearless and kind people on the planet. They are kind whenever required, and they are known to help people whenever possible. But this fact should not hide the other fact, which is Sikhs are one of the most fearless, as well. As the trend of getting a tattoo is skyrocketing, the Sikh warrior tattoo is getting more and more popular. People want to showcase their fiercest character with the help of tattoos, and why not? This is one of the most stunning ways to let others know about your character and community.

Traditional Sikh Warrior Tattoos

Sikh Warrior Tattoo

There are plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to getting a Sikh Warrior Tattoo. The Sikh community has given a lot of fearless warriors. Symbols like eagles, lions, tigers, etc., are also loved showcasing the mindset and strength. Also, patriotism is another thing that can be used in combination while getting a Sikh warrior tattoo. The respect for the gurus and guides always separates Sikhs from others. If you have your own idea, we can execute that to perfection, as well. Otherwise, we have plenty of options that will look great on you.

Sikh Warrior Tattoo Ideas

Sikh Warrior Khanda Tattoo

Khanda Tattoo

The main symbol of Sikhism’s faith is the Khandha. The symbol consists of three elements: a Khandha at the center, a chakra, and two swords on each side. It’s a symbol of courage and chivalry, as well as a military symbol for Sikhs.

Fierce Warrior Tattoo

The Sikh warriors of Punjab have a long and proud history, especially in the early days of the religion. They were called Nihand or Akali, a reference to Guru Hargobind Singh’s Akali Dal. Fateh Singh could also be a source of inspiration. These warriors were known for their use of guerrilla warfare techniques and their brutality on the battlefields.

Shaded Warrior Tattoo

The background of the Religious leader is the Khanda. It is the same emblem that the cross is for Christians and is very important to the Sikhs. It represents the tenants of this religion. It is composed of three parts. The double-edged sword, which represents Divine Knowledge, and the Chakra, which represents a perfect Lord. Finally, there are two swords on each side, which represent Miri-Piri’s earthly and spiritual authority. This is a small part of the religion.