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3D tattoos

Create an illusion of an object that is a part of your skin, rather than just sitting on it with 3D tattoos. These tattoos require highly skilled artists that use highlighting, shading, and shadows to make your tattoo ideas come to life. 3D tattoos have been popular for a while and are here to stay for decades. We specialize in making tattoos that look super real and execute them to perfection. You can know a 3D tattoo is best executed when your final tattoo looks better than the reference.
If you prefer depth and intensity in your tattoo designs, 3D is the best option for you. Its hyper-realistic features are done with a lot of intricate details. These tattoos are famous for mimicking an actual photograph of a portrait or landscape. While looking to get a 3D tattoo, you must look through the artist’s previous works. Check out our work below.

What are 3D tattoos?

3D tattoos refer to designs that look three-dimensional, hyper-realistic enough to look like a photograph inked on your skin. This technique is used in innovative and creative designs to give them a hyper-realistic look. When done correctly, these tattoos appear like believable optical illusions.

Considering the amount of work required to make 3D tattoos look realistic, they are likely to take longer to complete than two-dimensional designs. They also require years of practice and expertise from the tattoo artist. If you’re considering getting a 3d ink tattoo, the most important thing is finding a tattoo artist specializing in this category. Due to the required hours and intricate work, 3D tattoos may require paying a bit more than expected. The only way to know if your 3D tattoo has been executed to perfection is to check if it looks realistic.

3D Tattoo Ideas

Creativity is key to creating unique and original ideas. If you’re looking for some inspiration, consider the following ideas.

Some popular 3d tattoo designs include

  • Animals and objects
  • Insects 
  • Biomechanical tattoos
  • Pop culture elements
  • Optical illusions 

3D tattoos, although relatively recent, are highly popular. With the help of a good tattoo artist and creativity, you can create the tattoo of your dreams that is unique, and original to you. 

Check out our work to get some inspiration.