Best CoverUp Tattoos

Whether you’re in a hurry to remove your ex’s name or don’t want that drunken, heat-of-the-moment mistake permanently on your body, we can help you fix it. No need to regret your tattoos anymore when you can just cover them up! Cover-up tattoos are very common, and we’ll surely fix all your tattoo-related regrets.
We get the urge to get your tattoo covered up due to a poor job, an outdated design, an irrelevant tattoo, or simply a mistake. But this can be easily rectified with a brand new cover-up tattoo. Our experienced artists are known for covering up tattoos in unbelievable ways that look completely new and fresh.

What are cover Up tattoos?

A coverup tattoo refers to a new design inked over the top of an existing tattoo. Here the objective is to cover up the old tattoo in a way where it is no longer visible or is part of the new piece of art.

The reasons for wanting a cover-up can be plenty, from poor execution to an outdated design. Whatever the reason may be, you deserve a tattoo design you actually like. The effectiveness of a cover-up depends on the original tattoo, the cover-up design, and the expertise of your tattoo artist. Old, faded tattoos in light colors are easier to cover than a brand new all-black tattoo.

The Process of Cover-up Tattoo

The procedure of a cover-up tattoo involves:

  • Your tattoo artist will place a tracing paper over the previous design to outline the significant features of your old tattoo. This step is done to get maximum coverage.
  • The artist will put the outline under the light and place another thin piece of tracing paper on top of it.
  • The cover-up process will start via working on the fainted outline of your old tattoo to conceal that area.

Furthermore, a certified cover-up tattoo artist knows how to incorporate the old design into the new one. A successful cover-up tattoo will completely camouflage the old design.