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Realism tattoo

Bring your tattoo design to life with our hyper-realistic tattoos. We try to recreate awe-inspiring work of art on your skin. This style of realism tattoo takes years and years of devotion, hard work, and tons of talent to execute incredibly complex pieces. It is your idea perfected to execution and onto your skin, and our artists are just the right people for it!

While going for a realistic tattoo make sure you check out the artist’s work. This style takes years of practice. When done correctly, it looks like a picture come to life. Check out some of our realistic tattoos below!

Realism Middle tattoo
Realism Middle tattoo 2
Realism Middle tattoo 1

What are realism tattoos?

Realism tattoos are tattoos that replicate a photograph or a real-life 3D object. This art style takes an enormous amount of practice. Realism tattoos are great if you want to get portraits of people, close-ups, detailed features, or eye-popping imagery. Realism tattoos are one of the most popular and high-demand tattoo styles.

Realism tattoos are characterized by their lifelike appearance, often featuring detailed portraits or scenes. For this style, only highly skilled tattoo artists who specialize in this type of work should be approached. Realism tattoos can be pretty costly, but when executed well the results are worth the price.

Realism Tattoo Ideas

When trying to find inspiration for a realism tattoo, the choices are endless. An experienced realism tattoos artist can turn anything into a perfect tattoo. Let’s take a look at the wide range of options.

Realism B_G tattoo

Black and Grey Realism tattoos

Black and grey just like the name suggests, only use black and grey ink to create effects akin to a black and white photo. An expert tattoo artist will focus their full attention on details and shading to make it look life-like.

Full-Color Realism Tattoos

Full color realism tattoos add a whole extra element to the tattoo. Full color realism tattoos require an extreme level of concentration and skill and are time-consuming. They require multiple detailed layers to achieve the final results. When done well, however, the final tattoo looks real enough to reach out and grab!

Realism Color tattoo
Realism Portrait tattoo


Portraits tattoo are one of the most common and popular realism-style designs. They are a fan favorite and many people want their loved ones immortalized on their skins. Some people also choose their favorite celebrities or portraits of their pets.


Nature tattoos are another common request in realism tattoos. This ranges from landscapes to flowers and animals. They can be as big as a landscape or as tiny as a flower, depending on your preference and commitment.

Realism Nature tattoo