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Small Tattoos

If small and cute tattoos are your thing, we got you covered. Not everyone is a fan of big, bold tattoos, and we understand that. If you are a first-timer and the thought of getting a tattoo is scary, small tattoos are perfect for you.  It is always better to start small and then go big when you are familiar with the idea of getting inked. Our small tattoo designs can help you get more clarity.

Small tattoos can be a fun way to express yourself. They’re minimal,  classy, and yet impactful. There’s something for everyone. You can select from a wide range of options, from cute animal figurines to complex geometric designs to specific and personal ideas precisely as you wish.

Best Small Tattoos Ideas

What are small tattoos?

Small tattoos are tattoos that are tiny in size, they are a delicate, discreet, and pretty way to add ink to your body. Small tattoos can be discreet and dainty. Their miniature size doesn’t matter when it comes to ink. Tiny tattoos can communicate big meaning and enhance the body part. The best thing about small tattoos is that they are less painful and do not take up much space.

Small Tattoo Ideas

Less is more. Here are a few small tattoo ideas you may want to explore

Heart tattoo

Heart tattoos represent love, romance, trust, and hope. Small heart tattoos remind you of the things that make you feel loved and grateful. The heart is a magnet for miracles. Heart tattoos look classy, elegant, and neat.

Rose Tattoo

Roses are associated with love, purity, balance, and femininity. They symbolize a new beginning with learning and growth. Small rose tattoos are perfect for first-timer or someone looking for a minimalist tattoo.

Crown Tattoo

Crown tattoos are associated with leadership, power, authority, and bravery. They represent monarchy, glory, and righteousness and never fail to remind you of the boss you are.

Airplane Tattoo

Airplanes can represent the constant urge to travel or the distance between you and your loved ones. They symbolize constantly moving from one place to another. If you are eager to discover as many places as possible, this could be the right option for you.