Tattoos can look great on skinny people, but it’s important to choose a design that you love and a location that works well for your body type. Popular tattoo placements for skinny individuals include the wrist, forearm, triceps, and calves.

If you’re relatively thin and considering getting a tattoo, you may be wondering where the best place to get it would be. It’s common for people on the slimmer side of the scale to have concerns about how their weight might affect the appearance of their tattoo, and it’s a legitimate concern since weight can have a significant impact on the final outcome. Therefore, in this article, we will explore the best tattoo locations for skinny individuals.

The optimal tattoo locations for individuals with a slim or skinny physique are the thighs, calves, forearms, wrists, back, and triceps. These regions contain an adequate amount of adipose tissue and provide sufficient space for tattoos of varying sizes. To understand why these areas are ideal for tattoos on skinny people, let’s examine them more closely. 


Does Being Skinny Impact the Placement of Your Tattoos? 

The answer is yes. Being skinny can have an effect on the skin, which can limit the areas where you can get a tattoo.

For instance, if you are quite thin, you may have prominent bones that protrude from your skin. In this case, certain areas may not be suitable for tattoos due to various reasons:

1.  It can be painful

When you are skinny, getting a tattoo can be an extremely painful experience, especially when the tattoo is being done over a boney area of your body. Tattoo artists often avoid tattooing boney areas because the pain can become unbearable. Consequently, finding a suitable area for a tattoo can be difficult for you if you are skinny or have very little fat between your bones and skin.


2.  Tattoo positioning can be tricky

Additionally, tattoo positioning can be an issue for skinny people because there are few flat areas on their body. Due to the lack of fat between their skin and bones, the skin adjusts to the frame of their skeleton, resulting in curves and bumps that can cause dents and rises in the skin. This makes it challenging to get a good stencil on areas with little fat because the artist must adjust the design of the tattoo to fit the body’s curves and dents.

Moreover, when tattooing a boney area, it is essential to have a flat surface to work on because it is easier to pull cleaner lines, making the tattoo more precise and crisp. However, working on a bony area is more difficult because the artist must pull straight lines over a very bumpy area. This can result in the artist having to apply some lines free-hand to get the tattoo stencil perfect and looking completely straight and even.


3.  It can be inconvenient for the artist 

Finally, tattooing a skinny area can be inconvenient for the artist, and designing and applying the stencil may take longer due to the need to constantly adjust the stencil and apply free-hand lines. Therefore, it is crucial to find a skilled and experienced artist to do your tattoo on a bony or skinny area.


Best Places To Get Tattooed If You Are Skinny Person

If you are thin, you might be wondering where the best places are to get a tattoo that will look great on your body. Fortunately, there are certain areas that can accommodate tattoos even if you have a slender frame. Here are some of the top spots for tattoos on skinny individuals.

1.  Thigh

Despite being thin, your thigh provides a sizable flat surface on your body, making it an ideal location for a tattoo. Even though you may not have many areas on your body with a bit of flesh, your thigh still has a decent amount of fat, making it an excellent spot for your tattoo artist to work on.

If you’re looking for a larger tattoo, your thigh should be one of your preferred choices, particularly if you’re slim. Due to the surface area of your thigh, your tattoo artist may be able to create a more significant piece of art.


2.  Calf

Another area of your body that can support a tattoo even if you are skinny is your calf. Although you may be slender, you will still have an adequate amount of fat on your calf, which is beneficial for creating a successful tattoo. In reality, having a healthy amount of body fat is crucial for achieving better tattoo outcomes, and it can even reduce the pain during the tattooing process.

Compared to the thigh, the calf is a more appealing location to display your tattoo if you want to flaunt it more often. You can wear a greater variety of clothing that exposes your calf, which is not feasible with the thigh.

Additionally, the curvature of your calf provides an intriguing aspect that your tattoo artist can utilize. If you’re interested, your artist can create a tattoo that wraps around your leg while getting your calf tattooed.


3.  Forearm

While not the most fatty area to get tattooed, the forearm is flat and free of bones, making it an ideal location. You can easily get a medium-sized tattoo or even work with your artist to create a half sleeve. This location is also less painful than other areas, making it perfect for small tattoos.


4.  Wrist

If you want a small or micro tattoo, the wrist is an excellent option. Despite concerns about pain, the area between your forearm and palm, where wrist tattoos are typically placed, is not very bony, and the tattoo process is generally pain-free. Since it is a small area, your tattoo should go quickly.


5.  Back

If you have a decent amount of fat on your back, it can be a great spot for a tattoo, especially if you want a large tattoo. Your tattoo artist will have a lot of surface area to work with. However, if you are too boney, it may not be a good option since the ribs can cause bumps in the tattoo that may not look consistent.


6.  Triceps

If you are skinny, your triceps can be a suitable location to get a tattoo, as it is an area of your body where you have a decent amount of fatty tissue that is not on any bones. Additionally, your triceps are a long and fairly straight section of your arm, making it easier for your tattoo artist to work with and accurately place a stencil.


Things To Remember While Getting a Tattoo if you Consider Yourself Skinny

1.  Enhance Your Muscles

One of the most common considerations for tattoo placement among those who consider themselves “skinny” is to enhance the appearance of certain body parts, particularly in the upper arms, upper back, shoulders, and calves. This can be achieved through a well-designed tattoo that integrates lines to create the illusion of definition, drawing attention to one’s best features, such as the bicep, while minimizing areas that one may feel less confident about. Such a tattoo can help make the body part “pop” and appear more muscular. 


2.  Wrap-Around Tattoos 

While a skilled tattoo artist can make any design look great regardless of body type, wrap-around tattoos are particularly flattering on thinner individuals. As the name suggests, these tattoos wrap around the circumference of body parts such as forearms, upper arms, thighs, and calves and provide ample canvas area for intricate designs. Like muscle-enhancing tattoos, wrap-around designs can be strategically incorporated to accentuate desired physical features while minimizing less desirable ones.


3.  Future Considerations

Another important consideration is to take into account any plans for significant changes in body size or shape. If you plan on bulking up soon, it may be wise to factor this into your tattoo design decisions. While reasonable weight gain typically does not significantly impact the tattoo’s appearance, quick and significant growth can cause ink particles to break apart, leading to noticeable changes in the tattoo’s integrity. However, a simple touch-up is usually all that is needed to update the tattoo and accommodate your new physique, so there is no need to worry excessively.


Do Tattoos Hurt More If You Are Skinny

Typically, tattoos will cause more pain for people who are skinny compared to those who are of average weight. This is because the subcutaneous fat layer of skin, which acts as a cushion during tattooing, is thinner in skinnier individuals. This layer absorbs much of the impact from the needle, protecting the bones and muscles underneath.

However, for people who are thin, there is not as much of a cushion, so the needle is more likely to hit the bones and muscles, causing more pain. The needle will not hit the protective fat layer as often, leading to a more painful tattoo experience.



Being skinny can have an impact on how your tattoos appear, but selecting the right body location can mitigate this issue and ensure a desirable outcome. When you are skinny, it is advisable to choose a body area with a substantial amount of fat, as it will be less painful to get tattooed and more convenient for stencil placement. Don’t allow your weight to discourage you from getting the perfect tattoo. Once you have decided on a design, choose a suitable location, locate a tattoo artist, and fulfill your dream of getting the tattoo you desire.

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