Moon tattoos have gained popularity in recent years due to their deep symbolism and versatility. There are various designs and interpretations, from realistic to minimalistic, and each carries its unique meaning. Whether you’re looking for body art that represents feminine power, a personal reminder, or a stunning piece of artwork, a moon tattoo might be a perfect choice.

The moon embodies feminine power, transformation, innovation, and development, and its profound significance makes it a desirable subject for tattooing. The enchantment of our planet’s natural satellite is dependent on its various phases. Some people are attracted to the full moon’s image, which represents obscured boundaries and the supernatural. Others are motivated by the symbolism associated with the crescent shape, which is believed to signify optimism and transformation. Numerous designs are available, and each one can be customized to match your preferences and outlook. If you’re searching for ideas for your next significant tattoo, we’ve gathered a collection of the best options to inspire you. 


Moon Tattoos – The Story Behind It 

The moon, often referred to as the “she-moon,” emanates an undeniable feminine energy that makes it the perfect symbol for people seeking a meaningful tattoo. The moon, a shapeshifter, can transform from a full orb to a mere sliver in a matter of days, a testament to its ever-changing nature. Its light dances with the darkness in perfect balance, creating a symphony of shifting proportions that guide the rhythms of life, from the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides to the cycles of a woman’s body.

When combined with the sun in a tattoo, these eternal counterparts create a composition of perfect balance, illuminating the world at their respective times of the day. The balance between light and dark is what many friendships strive for, making sun and moon tattoos a popular choice for friendship tattoos. The moon can also be paired with other symbols, such as in Native American tattoos, where it is used to depict stunning scenery. Alternatively, a crescent moon can be swirled around by a gentle snake to represent rebirth and change, or paired with cherry blossom flowers to pay homage to Japanese culture.

To add a touch of whimsy to your moon tattoo, you could also include birds, such as an owl or a raven, in your design. The moon is a common symbol found in literature, music, and art, serving as a muse to countless artists across the ages. From Shakespeare’s moonlit sonnets to Sofi Tukker’s “Moon Tattoo,” this celestial body continues to captivate and inspire us, making it a timeless choice for a tattoo design.


Symbolism of The Moon

The moon has been a symbol throughout the entirety of human history, appearing in everything from Greek mythology as Selene, the goddess of the Moon, to contemporary urban legends like the moon landing of 1969.

Universally, the moon is a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm of time, embodying the cycle of life. Its presence has captivated and embellished the histories of many civilizations, both Amerindian and Oriental, imbuing it with numerous meanings, particularly dependent on the phase it is in.

In astrology, the moon symbolizes the soul and determines an individual’s capacity for reflection and adaptation. Positioned as it is between the light of the sun and the darkness of night, it often represents the space between the conscious and the unconscious, representing growth and change.

As a popular image in tattoo art, the moon is often paired with other spiritual symbols such as evil eyes, mermaids, or koi fish, resulting in a multiplicity of meanings. Unlike the sun, which is associated with permanency and eternal life, the moon is linked to the night and the passage of time.

The moon is a frequent theme in popular culture, featuring in countless songs dedicated to its magic and mystery. Its name variations, such as Luna, have become a well-known feature in TV shows and novels, with characters bearing the name, such as Sailor Moon’s feline companion and Harry Potter’s witch friend.


Phases of Moon

The various phases of the moon represent different concepts, such as immortality and eternity, enlightenment, or the darker aspects of nature. Its circular shape also symbolizes constancy, timelessness, and life-giving properties. Due to its cycle of renewal and predictable phases, the moon is often associated with feminine qualities, such as nurturing, receptivity, and the rhythms of life. It can also represent inner knowledge or the various stages of human existence on Earth, given its influence on tides, rain, water, and seasons.

In the following list, we present each phase of the moon:

The phase known as the “New Moon” occurs when the Moon is located between the Earth and Sun, rendering it invisible from our planet. This phase represents a fresh start or new beginnings.

During the “Waxing Crescent Moon” phase, the Moon’s illumination increases, but less than half of the Moon is visible. This phase symbolizes setting intentions.

The “First Quarter Moon” phase takes place when exactly half of the Moon is illuminated, while the other half is shrouded in shadow. This particular phase is associated with decision-making.

The “Waxing Gibbous Moon” phase occurs as the Moon’s illumination grows, with more than half of the Moon visible. This phase represents refinement and honing of goals.

The “Full Moon” phase takes place when the Sun illuminates the entire surface of the Moon, representing the release and sealing of intentions.

During the “Waning Gibbous Moon” phase, the Moon’s illumination begins to decrease, but more than half of the Moon is still visible. This phase is linked to feelings of gratitude.

The “Third Quarter Moon” phase is identical to the “First Quarter Moon,” with exactly half of the Moon illuminated, and the other half obscured. However, during this phase, we observe the opposite side of the Moon as compared to the First Quarter Moon. This phase symbolizes forgiveness.

Finally, during the “Waning Crescent Moon” phase, the Moon’s illumination continues to diminish, with less than half of the Moon visible. This phase represents surrender and letting go, marking the end of the current lunar cycle, and heralding the start of a new one with the “New Moon” phase.


Moon Tattoo Ideas

If you’re seeking inspiration for your next meaningful tattoo, we’ve compiled a list of the best options to spark your imagination.


  • Full Moon Tattoo 

A tattoo depicting a full moon is often linked with mysticism and transformation, representing a period of transition and otherworldly experiences. It can hold great personal significance, and women who choose this design may incorporate additional elements to make it more personalized and unique. To achieve the necessary level of detail, it is advisable to choose a larger area of skin for the tattoo.


  • Half-Moon Tattoo

Are you yearning for a tattoo that embodies your aspirations and holds deep significance? If so, a half-moon tattoo could be the celestial ink you seek. This exquisite design holds particular appeal, as it captures the essence of their life journey with its symbolism of growth and progress. Through its delicate yet evocative imagery, this tattoo can serve as a powerful reminder of your inner strength and the challenges you have overcome. Whether you see it as a symbol of release or a representation of equilibrium between the light and dark phases, a half-moon tattoo is a unique and stunning choice for the woman seeking to express her innermost self.


  • Crescent Moon Tattoo

The crescent moon tattoo is a stunning choice for anyone who adores small and uncomplicated designs. Its modest size makes it a much-loved option, perfect for the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. Nevertheless, the elegance of this celestial shape permits it to be tattooed on any part of the body, rendering it a flexible and artistic choice. Its appeal, however, isn’t solely due to its design but also its symbolism. This lunar phase is associated with transition and aspiration, making it an excellent choice for those seeking inspiration. Therefore, this ink can act as a constant reminder of the positive changes taking place in your life.


  • Phases of the Moon Tattoo

Moon phase tattoos are adored for their association with femininity and fertility. As a tattoo symbol, the moon carries profound significance, with its different phases representing a plethora of things. The lunar cycles can serve as a potent image for tattoos, evocative of growth, rebirth, and reincarnation. This idea resonates with those who contemplate the cycle of life and the inevitability of change. Moreover, it makes for an exquisitely cool body art that captivates the senses and inspires the mind.


  • Sun and Moon Tattoo

A sun and moon tattoo is a design that embodies not only aesthetics but also a wealth of symbolism. It is a fusion of two contrasting entities, akin to the yin and yang emblem, that represents opposing forces. These forces may include femininity and masculinity, virtue, and vice, and vitality and mortality. A sun and moon tattoo would be an excellent choice for anyone facing challenges or seeking balance in life.


  • Sun Moon and Stars Tattoo

The art of tattooing is not just about the beauty of the design, but also the profound symbolism it carries. Choosing to adorn your body with a sun, moon, and stars tattoo is a personal decision, one that holds deep meaning and significance. This celestial design offers endless interpretations, each as unique as the individual who bears it. For some, it symbolizes the sacred bond of family, with the moon representing the feminine, the sun the masculine, and the stars their beloved children. For others, it embodies the magic and enchantment of the cosmos, evoking a sense of wonder and awe. And yet, for others still, it represents the delicate balance between light and darkness, day and night, and the ever-changing rhythms of life. Whatever interpretation resonates with you, a sun, moon, and stars tattoo is sure to be a stunning and meaningful addition to your body art.


  • Moon and Stars Tattoo

A beautiful and captivating tattoo design, the moon and stars depict the mysteries of the universe and can hold deep meaning for those who choose to adorn their bodies with this celestial artwork. These two symbols combined convey a sense of divine power and can represent hope and spirituality, casting light in the dark of night. In many cultures, the moon is viewed as a nurturing and maternal figure, while the stars are seen as her children, twinkling in the vast expanse of the sky. For those who seek to celebrate the birth of their children or honor their loved ones, a moon, and stars tattoo can be an ethereal and enchanting option.


  • Black Moon Tattoo

A black moon tattoo is a rare and alluring choice that embodies an enigmatic and intriguing quality. The absence of a full moon or the appearance of a second new moon within a season can symbolize a unique kind of mystery and excitement. Those who appreciate the cycles of the moon and its various phases will find this a particularly attractive option for body art. Furthermore, some may interpret the symbolism of a black moon more abstractly, using it as a representation of the unknown or darkness. Regardless of how you interpret the meaning, a black moon tattoo is a striking piece that is sure to catch the eye and capture the imagination.


  • Blood Moon Tattoo 

Moon tattoos are often done in black ink, but a colorful piece can certainly be eye-catching and hold significant meaning. The blood moon, which takes on a reddish hue during a total lunar eclipse, is a prime example of a design that can hold a lot of symbolism. While some may associate it with a sense of doom or religious prophecy, others see it as an opportunity for introspection or a deeper connection with the cosmos. Those with an interest in astronomy or spirituality may find this tattoo design especially meaningful.


  • Wolf and Moon Tattoo

A wolf and moon tattoo is a compelling and meaningful design that can hold a significant amount of symbolism. The wolf, in itself, is a symbol of loyalty and family, as well as spiritual guidance. When paired with the moon, the tattoo’s significance is amplified by the many legends surrounding the connection between wolves and the lunar cycles. In particular, the howling of wolves at the full moon has long been linked with darkness and mystery, while Native American culture sees the wolf as a guide to the afterlife. Those who choose to get inked with this design may be reflecting on their own mortality or honoring the memory of loved ones who have passed.


  • Triple Moon Tattoo

The triple moon tattoo is an ideal choice if you desire a design that honors female strength. The images signify the various stages of the moon, namely waxing, full, and waning, and are a pagan and Wiccan emblem that represents the concept of the Triple Goddess. This piece comprises the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, which symbolize distinct moments in time and the female lifecycle. It’s evident why this would make an excellent selection for any woman seeking body art that celebrates feminine power.


  • Realistic Moon Tattoo 

A tattoo of the moon can hold various significance, and with the incorporation of different phases and additional elements, it can become a highly personal piece of art. The design style you choose is also important to consider, and there is an increasing trend towards hyper-realistic moon tattoos. The intricate details of this type of tattoo create a lifelike appearance on the skin, making it difficult to distinguish from the real thing. To ensure the best result, it’s crucial to seek out a tattoo artist with expertise in realism.


  • Small/Minimalist Moon Tattoos

The meaning and symbolism of the moon can be depicted in numerous designs, and the extent of your imagination determines the possibilities. You have the option of incorporating multiple elements to create intricate, expansive pieces or opting for smaller, more subtle tattoos. For many women, small moon tattoos are a favorite as they exude delicacy and femininity and can be inked on any part of the body. A tattoo on the wrist or finger, for instance, serves as a constant reminder of the significance behind the design.

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