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Geometric Tattoos

Immediately recognizable due to the line quality and style, an amalgam of basic geometric shapes, geometric tattoos could easily be mistaken as mere drawings on skin. Geometric shape tattoos have been here for decades, evolving from primitivism to modernism. They can be precise or abstract, intense or simple, anything you like. This style of tattoo has been all over the gram and is super popular for its clean, simple look.
Wild animals and intricate designs can be incorporated into this style. According to your preference, geometric tattoos can be minimal or maximal. Check out our work below for some inspo!

Cool Geometric Tattoos

What are geometric tattoos?

Geometric tattoos refer to simple or complex geometric shapes that create a sense of balance, symmetry, and even mystery. Geometric designs can have a unique element incorporated into them, making them more interesting. Geometric shapes mimic the structure of environments and suggest pattern and order. They signify efficiency, discipline, and solidity. Each option is rich in symbolism, allowing you to find something meaningful.

Geometric Tattoo Ideas

Geometric elements have been the sole base elements of purely geometric tattoos. Geometric tattoo styles can include:

These elements communicate deep symbolism and their aesthetic addition to the composition of other styles.