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Name Tattoos

Name tattoos have always been a popular trend. Whether it’s your anniversary, the sudden urge to express your love to someone, or commemorate a relationship, these tattoos are a special way of doing that. Immortalize your relationship with an elaborate and intricate design that will never lose its significance. This can be a perfect gift for your loved one!

Name Tattoo on Hand

What are name tattoos?

Name tattoos are those in which a person’s name is inked on one’s body. In spite of new trends and intricate designs entering the industry, name tattoos have never lost their significance. Many people like to get the name of their favorite person or spouse’s name inked on them to show their commitment. Name tattoos on arm are the perfect way to immortalize or commemorate relationships. Name tattoos don’t have to be simple, you can add flowers, crowns, or symbols important to the person.

Name Tattoo Ideas

To help clear the air for you, we have some name tattoo designs for you

Traditional Name Tattoo

Getting your loved one’s name inked is a wonderful way to keep them close to you. This can be a romantic partner, a parent, a sibling, a child, or a friend. There are many styles to choose from. You can add thick bold lines or bright colors to make it interesting. The appeal of this style never goes out of fashion.

Family tree

People close to their families can opt for a family tree tattoo. It is a great way of showing your unconditional love towards them. It is one of the popular name tattoo designs.

Anchor Name Tattoo

An anchor is an object that is associated with strength, stability, and determination. Including a name in your anchor tattoo is an excellent choice. There are many styles to choose from, including photorealistic pieces or traditional tattoos. Anchor name tattoos can be a daily reminder of the important symbolism connected to your design.

Arrow Name Tattoo

Arrow name tattoos are associated with direction and determination. It is the weapon linked to warriors, which signifies protection and security. An arrow name tattoo could be a way to honor someone who has played an important role in your life. There are many designs to choose from, and your tattoo can be small or large, minimalistic or detailed.

Arrow Name Tattoo